Who is Beyond Neutral®

Project management skills demonstrated for more than a decade and across approximately 100 projects enable Beyond Neutral® to offer quality service on time and within budget to clients throughout Australia and internationally, and to all levels of Government.

We assist our clients to be on the “front foot” in responding to environmental issues, especially climate change.

Our services enable your business to improve its greenhouse and sustainability credentials and to leverage market opportunities to achieve significant outcomes.

Beyond Neutral Pty Ltd was established in 2007 to further develop services and products able make a difference to the twin crises of climate change and sustainability. Prior to Beyond Neutral®, its director operated for almost a decade his own successful greenhouse, energy and environment focused consultancy.

Beyond Neutral® maintains and builds upon a reputation for highly professional and accurate work developed over the last decade.  This reputation has resulted in it being a preferred sub-consultant to large, reputable international environmental consultancies and it being included on various expert panels.

The reputation of Beyond Neutral Pty Ltd is further enhanced by its director being a Certified Environmental Professional.  Beyond Neutral® is one of the few companies in the greenhouse sector that can make this claim.  He won the 2009 Australian and NZ Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year for his “outstanding contribution to environmental practice in recent years, particularly in the areas of carbon emission assessments and climate change mitigation”.

Different to our competition

High level skills and extensive experience enable analysis, development, reporting, validation and verification of greenhouse inventories (carbon footprints), emission reduction plans and performance benchmarks. The skill set encompasses energy generation and supply, water treatment and sewerage, transport, food and industrial processing, building management, primary industries, Land Use Change and Forestry sectors as well as sustainability. Unlike some companies claiming to offer similar services, Beyond Neutral®:

  • is qualified, credentialed, recognised, respected;
  • knows what it is talking about both theoretically and practically; and
  • guarantees project management by Australia’s first accredited climate change specialist and award winning Certified Environmental Practitioner.