Walking the Walk

Beyond Neutral is committed to

    •  addressing the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability (environmental, social and economic)
    • minimising our impacts on climate change and our environment
    • playing a role in a sustainable society


We take a comprehensive approach to achieving this

an approach which can easily be replicated by business and individuals


Our approach is underpinned by Human Ecology concepts and a belief in the intrinsic value of ecosystems, diversity and community, beyond just their instrumental value.


Historically, we used at least 100% GreenPower

    • output from accredited new renewable electricity generators was purchased to offset our consumption
    • At times, 200% GreenPower was purchased to offset against our other emission sources

By using this type of offset, the renewable energy displaced electricity from the fossil fuel dominated grid.

An early adopter at a time when renewable energy was not cost competitive, Beyond Neutral played a part in supporting Australia’s developing renewable energy industry.

Our voluntary actions have now become mandatory as the ACT’s electricity supply is now “100% renewable”

    • ACT Government purchases renewable energy equal to ACT’s electricity use, offsetting consumption

Water Heating

Solar hot water system, boosted by 100% renewable electricity, produces emission free hot water

    • Free hot water whenever the sun is shining


Historically, our vehicle emissions were offset through an accredited Australian tree planting program.

    • Currently, vehicle emissions are very low

Emissions reduced by use of digital communications, minimizing work related travel and the use of E10 fuel.

    • Active transport (walk, cycle, tram, train) is used when feasible. Air travel is offset.

We use a flexible, distributed model for working arrangements, enabling further fuel use and emission reductions.

Paper Use

Beyond Neutral uses digital communications whenever possible.

    • Paper use is minimised by using digital editing as standard and double-sided printing.

Prior to moving to digital formats for reports etc, printed material used

    • 100% post-consumer recycled,
      • process chlorine free,
        • carbon neutral,
          • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certified paper stock
            • soy-based inks

Any in-office printing uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Waste Management and Recycling

Beyond Neutral recycles all recyclable waste.

Our office composts or worm-farms all suitable food and other organic waste (such as shredded paper).

    • This is then used in the production of organically grown fruit and vegetables.

Office equipment is repaired where possible.

When possible, obsolescent equipment is offered to appropriate charities/ organisations for resale.

E-waste is recycled.

Energy Efficiency

Our office incorporates many energy efficiency concepts into its design and operation.

Ceiling, wall and slab insulation combines with passive solar features to

    • minimise summer air conditioning, and
    • maximise winter solar gain (heating)

Building orientation and passive solar design

    • allows winter sun to penetrate and warm the interior, while
    • excluding the summer sun

Double glazing traps internal heat in the building during winter.

Cross-flow ventilation uses cool night air to reduce the build-up of internal heat during summer

    • this reduces cooling needs

Social Sustainability

We support local and national charities and their work within its surrounding community.

    • Examples include support for the ACT PCYC Kidsmart handbook, CareFlight and for over a decade, the Canberra Special Children’s Christmas Party.
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