Our Experience


Climate effective results – use an environmental professional with high level skills and extensive experience


Quality consulting outcomes on time and within budget, enabled by over two decades of successful project management

Well-versed in the carbon offset market, after retiring around ½ million tonnes of quality carbon offsets


25+ years of specialist climate change experience encompassing its issues, opportunities and responses

  • demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of climate change, energy and sustainability and knowledge spread across a broad range of sectors and topics
    • water and wastewater
    • transport
    • industrial processes
    • waste
    • biodiversity
    • natural resource management
    • agriculture and land use change

Beyond Neutral’s experience is described in more detail under What We’ve Done

Experience Snapshot

Over 100 climate change consultancies have been successfully completed


  • carbon footprints (emission inventories)
  • emission reporting (mandatory and voluntary)
  • climate action plans and carbon performance indicators
  • renewable energy
  • agriculture and land use change
  • technical advice
  • environmental impact assessment processes

A large number of projects have been undertaken for the Australian Government

  • inventory methodologies and reporting requirements
  • carbon abatement assessment
  • database accuracy assessments
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency topics
  • verification of emission inventories and reporting
  • Australia’s National Greenhouse Accounts

Experience Before Consulting

Our Director’s wider environmental experience

  • Energy and Water sectors’ team leader/ Industry Adviser with the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Challenge
  • working on the IPCC‘s Special Report on Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (the “Sinks Report”)
  • CRC for Greenhouse Accounting at the Australian National University, looking at terrestrial biological carbon sequestration issues and carbon accounting
  • Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency focused on waste issues
  • Australia’s Environment Department – biodiversity conservation and air, noise and nuclear pollution
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