Our Clients

Our consulting services are offered to large corporations, Government and SMEs across Australia and internationally

Our carbon offsets are available to anyone (business, government and individuals)

What We Offer

Access to high quality specialist skills across carbon footprints, emissions reporting, climate action plans and carbon offsets


Carbon Offsets

As an offsetting client, you get to choose a bespoke climate solution tailored to what you want to achieve

    • Select from a wide array of project types and countries
    • Choose the sustainability outcomes you want to support
    • ask about anything that you are unclear about

You get to act on the Twin Imperatives – addressing climate change as well as improving your business and global sustainability

carbon actions with multiple benefits improve climate performance, achieving a sustainability dividend


Climate Consulting

We work closely with our consulting clients

    • quantify your carbon footprint – its the foundation upon which we build our climate actions
    • identify an effective climate action plan that works for you
    • report your climate performance – use carbon information for multiple purposes
    • derive on-going benefits through quality advice and support

Our consulting clients benefit from our extensive climate change expertise and experience across

  • energy generation, supply and efficiency
  • fossil and renewable fuels
  • water treatment and sewerage
  • transport
  • food and industrial processing
  • building management
  • agriculture, land use change and forestry

How We’ll Treat You

Our client focused approach provides personalised, accessible and positive interactions

Client satisfaction, quality service and making connections with our clients are key to our approach

We’ll treat you with courtesy, understanding and professionalism

We strive to ensure satisfaction

We’ll take time to listen and understand what you seek

We are genuinely interested in helping you

We’ll answer your questions in an up-front and genuine manner

We act in an ethical and professional manner in all our interactions

We’ll help maximise the credibility of your climate response

Who Benefits from Our Services?

Many clients have repeatedly used our carbon offsetting and climate consulting services

Our larger clients include

    • utilities providing electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications
    • transport, port infrastructure
    • manufacturing facilities
    • vehicle fleets of varying size up to more than 1000 vehicles
    • diverse portfolios of buildings and associated infrastructure
    • financial and banking services
    • film and broadcast services
    • all levels of Government

We also have clients who are not large in terms of either emissions and/or company size

These companies and individuals appreciate our focus on them as valued clients

    • we treat their needs with the same level of professionalism and attention as our larger clients

Specialist sub-consultancy services provided to some of the largest environmental consultancies and smaller, highly respected specialist consultancies

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