Our Claims

Beyond Neutral’s climate change expertise is not just a marketing claim

Its director’s high-level skills and experience have been acknowledged in the environment profession for over 15 years


In 2015, our director became the first ever Climate Change Specialist in Australia or NZ, accredited under the Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme.

This Specialist accreditation is in recognition of his “track record and experience in the field of climate change”.

The Specialist accreditation is the highest level of certification available under the CEnvP Scheme.

Award winning

2009 Australia’s and NZ’s Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year.  The award was due to his:

outstanding contribution to environmental practice in recent years, particularly in the areas of carbon emission assessments and climate change mitigation”.


In 2005, our director was the first person ever presented with a Certified Environmental Professional certificate and he has been continuously certified since.

What is CEnvP?

The environment profession’s certification scheme, established by but independent from EIANZ and recognised by the Australian Government as an industry-based certification scheme.

  • The CEnvP Scheme ensures experienced, skilled and ethical environmental professionals are given due recognition in line with their professional counterparts from engineering, accounting, planning and architecture.
  • Certification provides a greater level of assurance to the community, employers, clients and professional associates of the credentials of an environmental professional.
  • Certification indicates a competent environmental professional applying high professional and ethical standards while demonstrating a commitment to responsible environmental management.
  • Certification demonstrates their environmental skills and knowledge meet national standards and clearly recognises their education, training and experience levels, providing assurance of their competence and performance as a professional.

Other Accreditations

Previously accredited as a verifier of greenhouse gas emissions reporting, carbon offset projects and carbon neutral products.  This accreditation recognised carbon accounting and environmental auditing skills.  Verifier for several climate change programs, including:

  • Australia’s voluntary emissions reporting and climate action program, Greenhouse Challenge and
  • Australia’s original carbon offset approval and carbon neutral accreditation scheme, Greenhouse Friendly™, predecessor to CER, NCOS and Climate Active

Also, previously accredited as a building energy rating assessor in the ACT demonstrating a knowledge of building management and passive solar design.


Beyond Neutral’s director has been a Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) since 2011.

  • EIANZ is the peak professional association for Australia’s and NZ’s environmental practitioners. It promotes environmental knowledge and advances ethical and competent practice while facilitating interaction amongst environmental professionals.

Over the years he has been

  • ACT Division President, Treasurer and member,
  • ACT convener for the CEnvP scheme for about 10 years
  • Chair and member of several CEnvP interview panels
  • involved with EIANZ’s Policy and Practice Standing Committee and Climate Change Working Group and Special Interest Section
  • drafted substantial parts of EIANZ’s climate change Policy Statement and provided input, review to others
  • provided EIANZ submissions’ input, review and representation relating to climate change issues (e.g. NGERS verification requirements and external audit criteria during development of NGER Act auditor competencies).
  • organised, presented and chaired numerous presentations, seminars, plenary sessions and workshops on climate change and energy topics as a part of EIANZ’s professional development services.

Australian/ World Firsts

Beyond Neutral and its Director have been a part of several Australian and world firsts.

Research into Renewable Energy Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)

Our director conducted Australia’s first research focused solely on renewable energy users seeking self-sufficiency in the provision of their domestic energy supply.  The research was carried out in Tasmania.  The research explored their energy supply and storage systems, the features of their dwellings and the type and usage patterns of their appliances.  It also investigated their attitudes towards various aspects of their quest for self-sufficiency and explored the experiences encountered during that quest.

The research also presented a series of case studies that demonstrated many of the positive spin-offs arising from the desire of individuals and communities to be self-sufficient.  The case studies included:

  • a local micro hydro-electricity turbine manufacturer,
  • the use of green grids to provide individual and community level energy supplies which then led to the development of further economic opportunities beyond the community
  • the use of a mix of renewable energy supplies to enable the provision of high quality eco-tourism applications.

“Minding the Carbon Store” – Queensland avoided deforestation project

This multi-million dollar project bought land clearing permits, generated verified emission reductions and sold the accredited Greenhouse Friendly™ abatement.  It:

  • was a world first in that it stopped land clearing without needing to buy the land, changing behaviour through the use of carbon finance
  • prevented 1,250,000 tonnes of emissions from being released
  • saved approximately 13,000 ha of biologically diverse habitat from being cleared
  • was, at the time, Australia’s largest carbon trade

The project demonstrated that market mechanisms and verified emission reductions can stop forest destruction; a model now promoted internationally.

Carbon Footprint of Australian Film – “My Year Without Sex”

Beyond Neutral completed the first full carbon footprint case study of an Australian feature film, “My Year Without Sex”

Working with several Australian directors, producers and film companies, we were engaged to provide the production advice on sustainability and carbon accounting, emissions management and reduction, and to identify quality carbon offsets.

To do this, we provided the full range of our carbon services to develop the film’s footprint, provide advice on mitigation options they could take and provide carbon offsets which were used to offset more than the film’s identified footprint.

A case study was produced examining how and why the footprint was calculated, what was found, the problems encountered and the key issues and areas for future action by individual films and the wider industry.

The film was awarded the Australian Directors Guild’s GRASS (Getting Real About Sustainable Screens) award for a feature film.

Climate Change Specialist and Certified Environmental Practitioner

Our director was the first climate change professional in Australia and NZ to be accredited as a Climate Change Specialist in 2015.

10 years earlier, he was the first environmental professional in Australia and NZ to be presented with certificate recognising him as a Certified Environmental Practitioner.

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