Beyond Neutral

An innovative company focusing on three approaches to addressing climate change:

  • An effective response to climate change goes beyond compliance
  • Undertake actions providing multiple benefits, maximising the sustainability dividend
  • Moving beyond carbon neutral is the ultimate goal on the path to addressing climate change

What We Offer

Beyond Neutral® provides specialist climate change consulting services and carbon offsets for our clients.

Consulting services utilising 25+ years of climate change experience and project management skills demonstrated across more than 100 projects

  • quality outcomes are delivered on time and within budget

We offer bespoke carbon offset solutions so you can tailor your offset purchase to achieve your goals

  • We’ve sourced and retired around 500,000 tonnes of quality carbon offsets on behalf of large corporations, governments, SMEs and individuals

Our History

Beyond Neutral Pty Ltd was established in 2007 to enable the clearer expression of the concepts underpinning our three approaches and to make a difference to the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability.

  • It is built upon our Director’s previous successful climate change consultancy which operated for nearly a decade prior to Australia’s ratification of the Kyoto Protocol at the end of 2007

Why Use Us?

Firsthand experience of the intricacies of taking action on climate change enables Beyond Neutral® to provide reasoned advice on options responding to the twin imperatives.

Enabling clients to achieve their climate change goals and needs is our focus

Beyond Neutral® has a reputation for highly professional and accurate work.

We encourage and assist clients to go beyond simply complying with current mandatory requirements.

  • This way they have the best opportunity to be on the “front foot” when shareholder, government or community expectations change, which is happening rapidly

We help clients identify and reduce their carbon footprint, assisting them to respond, adapt and lead into a carbon-constrained future.

We work with business for improved outcomes from their climate change actions, exploring ways to leverage their climate response to achieve significant outcomes.

We seek out climate responses that provide multiple benefits beyond carbon, improving sustainability outcomes from your carbon spend.