Who We Are

We believe in looking past just carbon or just neutral in our climate response

Beyond Neutral

Beyond Neutral is an innovative company focused on effective climate action with multiple benefits

Providing specialist climate change consulting services to business and Government and quality carbon offsets to everyone

Our Experience

Beyond Neutral has the proven ability to successfully complete your project or to supply your offsets

Experience-wise, we stopped counting our projects after 100; each project resulted in a quality outcome, produced on time and within budget

Around half million tonnes of quality carbon offsets sourced and retired on behalf of large corporations, governments, SMEs and individuals

Our Clients

Enabling our clients to achieve their climate change goals and needs is our focus

We are genuinely interested in helping you with what you need

Repeated and long term, continuing use of our services by clients points to client satisfaction, quality service and specialist advice

Our Staff

Your project deserves the full attention of an expert; use Beyond Neutral and you will get it

Beyond Neutral’s Director is an award winning, accredited climate change specialist with 25+ years climate change experience

He has real world experience of the issues and opportunities that exist in addressing climate change

Our Claims

Beyond Neutral’s climate change expertise is not just a marketing claim

We are innovative, specialist, accredited, professionally recognised and award winning

We can point to several Australian/ world firsts

Our Concepts

Our approach is underpinned by concepts that we have espoused for at least 15 years

Action concepts like doing more than just complying, going beyond carbon neutral and what more do I get for the price (of carbon)

Twin Imperatives, Sustainability Dividend, Ultimate Goal

Walking the Walk

Since its establishment, Beyond Neutral has demonstrated its commitment to walking the walk when it comes to addressing not just climate change but also environmental and social sustainability

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