Who Can Do It? (Anyone!)

This concept is available to any business or individual that wants to make a difference in a credible way.

Below we have discussed 3 areas where our concept can be applied – this is in no way the extent of the list (we could have easily discussed restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment, hotels, music, films, clothing, printing… the list goes on).

If you are interested in doing something innovative and exciting with whatever it is you are involved in, contact us and we will help you explore the options together.


We have exciting concepts beyond just neutralising your event which will help you achieve and demonstrate your commitment to not being part of the problem in a way that has meaning to your attendees.

We will also happily discuss with you a range of options and let you choose the one which best reflects where you want to be and what you want to say.

If you are planning any type of event and want to do something meaningful, contact us. We can help you with:

  • conferences, workshops, seminars (anything from a couple of hours to multi-day);
  • concerts, festivals, exhibitions; and
  • weddings, celebrations.

Products and Businesses

If your business has a desire to clearly demonstrate its environmental commitments or you have products that you wish to market to environmentally aware customers, our approach can help you achieve this.

Firms that are already moving towards carbon neutrality can improve the effectiveness of their commitment:

  • by sourcing the offsets needed to reach a neutral position from projects that also drive sustainability forward, and/or

Large firms that may not be ready, for whatever reason, to dramatically reduce their emissions can still make a difference by doing what they can internally to improve their greenhouse performance and then purchasing offsets from the Carbon Offset Portfolio that not only reduce emissions but have a strong sustainability dividend.

Individuals and Families

Many of us are concerned about our role in the unfolding climate change and sustainability crises that confront us, future generations and the planet’s ecosystems. We want to reduce our impact while improving the overall social, economic and environmental conditions around us (of course the emphasis we put on each of these varies between individuals).

We have simple approaches that can be used by families and individuals to reduce their impact.

We can help you become involved as a part of the solution to the twin imperatives in a credible way that has meaning.

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