Verification / Auditing Services

Beyond Neutral® has conducted a number of independent verifications of greenhouse reporting since 2005 as an accredited independent verifier of Greenhouse Challenge Plus (GCP) members’ greenhouse reporting.

Beyond Neutral® was accredited under GCP for Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy and Land Use Change and Forestry scopes under the independent verification panel that was established in 2005.

Independent verifications to the AS ISO 14064.3 – 2006 standard and of reasonable assurance were undertaken of either the member’s two most recent annual progress reports or the member’s recent progress report and original cooperative agreement which established the baseline, action plan and benchmarks.

The verifications assessed the reports against the criteria of completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservativeness.

A full range of verification opinions have been provided across the verifications undertaken, with the principles of independence, ethical conduct and fair representation adopted while performing the verifications.

Verifications of the reporting of greenhouse inventories, and an assessment of the reasonableness of abatement claims and performance benchmarks were conducted on organisations in the following sectors:

  • Meat Processing: the facilities were spread across three States and were either dedicated large animal or mixed large/ small animal abattoirs.  Our auditor who carried out the verifications is Q Fever vaccinated which ensured that the OH&S requirements of the facility were able to be complied with.
  • Mining: this required a particular focus on those emission sources encountered in the mining sector, in particular coal production.
  • Tertiary Education: the verification was of one of Australia’s premier institutions which had a range of unusual emission sources and widely dispersed facilities.
  • Public Service: a large, geographically diverse Commonwealth department with a very high number of facilities required the utilisation of robust sampling techniques.
  • Electricity, Gas and Water: this required an understanding of the key emission sources and attention to the accuracy of the largest source of emissions and the emission factors used.

The verification of the emission factor for the electricity generated by one of Australia’s major fossil fuel electricity generators was undertaken for the State government as a part of its license approval process.

Beyond Neutral® has also been an independent verifier for Greenhouse Friendly™ since its panel was established in 2005.