Our Clients

We respect the privacy of our clients and as such, a list of our clients is not included here.  Instead, we discuss the types of clients that have utilised our services and products and mention some of the areas in which they operate.  Several of our clients have indicated their willingness to be referees regarding our abilities.  Contact us if you would like to explore this further.

Our client base includes large corporations, the public sector and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Australia and internationally. Our larger clients operate:

  • electricity, water, natural gas and telecommunications utilities,
  • manufacturing facilities,
  • vehicle fleets of varying size of up to in excess of 1000 vehicles, and
  • manage diverse portfolios of buildings and associated infrastructure.

We regularly provide our high quality specialist services to all tiers of Government, especially the Australian Government and increasingly, local Government.

These clients, many of whom have continued to use our services for almost a decade, demonstrate that Beyond Neutral® is able to operate across the spectrum of greenhouse, energy and sustainability issues, from the high level national scale through to clients who implement and manage the everyday functioning of our society.

We also have clients who are not large in terms of either emissions and/or company size. These companies and individuals appreciate our focus on them as valued clients; we treat their needs with the same level of professionalism and attention as other, larger clients. We recognise that they often have a greater requirement to be better informed but that they also often have a greater willingness to go further in their response than larger entities.

We have been used by a number of Australia’s (and by extension the world’s) largest environmental consultancies as well as by some of the smaller, highly respected specialist consultancies to provide sub-consultancy services in the area of greenhouse and renewable energy. These consultancies have continued to list us on their sub-consultants registers for several years and approach us whenever they are need our specialist services (as we do them if we require skills that they can provide). We are open to the opportunity to form these types of relationships with other firms who wish to access our specialist skills.