Carbon Footprints and Emission Reporting

Every project benefits from experience

Ours spans a quarter century, from the earliest days of addressing climate change


Our consulting services draw upon wide ranging experience developing

Our services consistently produce very high standard outputs; high quality work helps our clients’ climate response

Experience Snapshot

We have undertaken a comprehensive range of climate consulting services

carbon footprints, climate action plans, emissions reporting

We understand the processes involved in developing high quality emissions data and reports, as well as developing and tracking climate actions


Expertise, knowledge and experience

Completed 50+ complex climate reports for some of Australia’s largest emitters


Coordination, data gathering and analysis of emissions inventories (business’ carbon footprint)

since the very beginning, in 2009


Emissions reporting on behalf of businesses and utilities

  • operating in the electricity, natural gas, water and sewerage, manufacturing sectors

across both mandatory/ compliance and voluntary reporting systems


Provision of emissions inventory and climate action plan information

  • incorporated into corporate Sustainability Reports, Annual Reports, board papers, internal reporting

data helped clients understand and act on their climate impacts


Assessment of emission reports and reporting systems for accuracy

  •  inventory data, emission factors and database entries

for various Government programs and as an independent verifier

  • assessed about 400 climate reports (footprints and climate action plans)

major electricity generators through to SMEs emitting less than 10,000 tonnes


Establishment and use of greenhouse gas reporting systems

  • Assisting business with developing internal emissions reporting and NGERS


Experience of client’s inventories being audited (verification) by external verifiers

  • under mandatory and voluntary reporting schemes run by the Australian and State Governments, and industry associations

Our reports successfully, independently verified with no material discrepancies identified

Greenhouse Challenge was a joint climate change initiative between the Australian Government and industry
Greenhouse Challenge features as recorded by the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Experience Before Consulting

In the early days of climate change reporting during the mid to late 1990s, our Director worked closely with Australia’s electricity supply businesses who had voluntarily signed on to the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Challenge

He assisted the development and assessment of emission inventories and climate action plans for over 20 companies and industry associations in Australia’s energy and water sectors

  • natural gas, black coal and brown coal electricity generators from VIC and QLD
  • vertically integrated electricity companies (generation, transmission, distribution and retail) in two States
  • Australia’s largest hydro-electricity companies
  • electricity distributors in four states
  • Australian high profile renewable energy equipment manufacturers and installers
  • renewable energy, co-generation and brown coal generation industry associations

Before the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 were developed, our Director was also involved in the production of climate change reporting workbooks, proforma, guidelines, case studies and technical tools, focused on

  • emission inventory development and reporting requirements
  • emissions performance benchmark establishment and tracking
  • climate action plan development and assessment

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