Carbon Footprint of Feature film “My Year Without Sex”

Sarah Watt’s new feature film “My Year Without Sex”, produced by Bridgit Ikin, was launched nationally on 28 May 2009.

Beyond Neutral® was engaged to provide sustainability and carbon accounting, management, reduction and offset advice for the production. Reducing the film’s footprint and environmental impacts and improving its sustainability meant raising the awareness of the people involved in making the film of key issues, getting them to rethink how they did things and guiding them to undertake important changes to their procedures and practices.  Following the detailed analysis of My Year Without Sex’s carbon footprint, quality verified carbon offsets were purchased which address the twin imperitaves of climate change and sustainable development.

case study has been produced examining how and why the footprint was calculated, what was found and the problems encountered and the key issues and areas for future action by individual films and the wider industry. A synopsis is provided under case studies with the carbon footprint summary available upon request (contact us).

100 tonnes of offsets were purchased and retired from a Gold Standard accredited project which combines renewable energy with sustainable development. The use of our Carbon Offset Portfolio allowed My Year Without Sex to support projects that address the twin imperatives of reducing greenhouse while helping to create a more sustainable future. Additionally, a sizeable contribution was made to an Oxfam Australia indigenous cultural/ social sustainablity program.