What We’ve Done

Specialist expertise in climate change, energy and sustainability

Experience-wise, we stopped counting our projects after 100

Each project resulted in a quality product


Enabling our clients to achieve successful climate outcomes



25+ years of specialist climate change experience dealing with the issues and opportunities of climate change and our broader sustainability

High quality outcomes, achieved by applying real world experience and understanding the difficulties various sectors have in responding to climate change

First-hand experience of the intricacies of taking climate action enables reasoned advice on how to respond effectively to the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability

Footprints and Reporting

  • Comprehensive carbon footprints (emissions inventory development)
  • Emissions reporting – voluntary and mandatory
    • around 50 reports for utilities and companies, over 20% independently and successfully verified
  • Action Plan development, tracking and reporting
  • Assessment of climate change reporting

Renewable Energy

  • Expert advice and research provided
  • Clients included infrastructure operators, international government and innovation seeking companies

Land Based

  • Land-based projects focused on avoided deforestation, reforestation and agriculture
  • Review and advice on land-based offset project documentation

Technical Advice

  • Advice provided to companies and governments
  • inventory methodologies, abatement assessment, reporting requirements, National Greenhouse Accounts, policy advice, sustainability and more

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency templates, algorithms and information developed for use by clients’ customers
  • Incorporation of energy efficiency options into action plan development processes

Impact Assessment

  • Impact assessment services including the production and review of climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability aspects of impact assessment statements.

Verification, Auditing

  • Independent verifier of emissions reporting across the meat processing, mining, tertiary education, public service and electricity sectors.
  • Independent verifier of projects and products/services for carbon neutral accreditation scheme

Australian Film Industry

  • Completed first full carbon footprint case study of an Australian feature film
  • Explored ways to effectively, efficiently and sustainably reduce Australian films’ carbon footprint

Carbon Offsets

  • Since 2006, working with clients to achieve their offset goals within their budget
  • Providing offsetting options addressing the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability
  • sale and retirement of offsets from VCS and Gold Standard carbon offset projects

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