What We’ve Done (we know what we’re talking about)

Consulting Services

Beyond Neutral® can demonstrate an extensive list of around 100 projects resulting in a quality product produced on time and within budget, enabling clients to achieve their goals. The summary of project types below demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of climate change, sustainability, energy and a broad range of other environmental issues including water, natural resource management; biodiversity, agriculture, land use change and waste. By using Beyond Neutral®, you will access over 20 years of environmental experience, including 15 years providing quality advice and specialist services on the issues and opportunities associated with climate change and sustainability. By applying real world experience and understanding of the difficulties various sectors have in dealing with greenhouse and sustainability, we assist our clients to achieve high quality outcomes. With firsthand experience of the intricacies of moving innovative abatement projects from concept to reality, we regularly provide reasoned advice on available and potential options in response to the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability.

Project Types

Beyond Neutral® offers demonstrated greenhouse and sustainability project management skills spread across around 100 wide-ranging projects including:

  • Comprehensive greenhouse reporting services; over 35 reports for eleven companies with more than 20% independently and successfully verified.
  • Assessment of approximately 400 greenhouse reports from major electricity generators to SMEs emitting less than 10,000 tonnes.
  • Independent verifications of greenhouse reporting across the meat processing, mining, tertiary education, public service and electricity sectors.
  • Technical advice including over 20 significant Australian Government projects on inventory methodologies, abatement assessment, reporting requirements and the National Greenhouse Accounts.
  • Expert advice and research regarding renewable energy technology for infrastructure operators, Chinese provincial government and companies seeking innovation.
  • Land based projects focused on avoided deforestation, reforestation and agriculture.
  • Review and advice on Greenhouse Friendly™ documentation prior to successful independent verification.
  • Impact assessment services including the production and review of climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability aspects of impact assessment statements.

Contact Us if you would like a full list of the projects undertaken in the last decade so you can satisfy yourself of our ability to successfully complete your project.

Carbon Offset Portfolio

The Carbon Offset Portfolio is one of our most recent developments and it, the services provided and the underlying concepts are described in detail under Carbon Offsets. A recent public example of the use of Beyond Neutral®’s carbon offsetting services is our involvement with the Australian film, My Year Without Sex.   Engaged as their greenhouse and sustainability consultant, assistance was provided to help them reduce their carbon footprint, environmental impacts and improve their overall sustainability as well as providing offsetting options addressing the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability. We reduced their emission profile and they then used our Carbon Offset Portfolio to offset emissions while achieving a sustainability dividend – satisfying their desire to be part of a holistic solution to thetwin imperatives. Beyond Neutral® undertook the calculation of My Year Without Sex’s carbon footprint and a detailed case study was produced for My Year Without Sex.  A synopsis of the case study is provided under Case Studies with a more detailed summary available upon request (contact us).