Validate Your Data

If the processes for determining your emissions inventory (aka carbon footprint) are already well established, Beyond Neutral® can provide a validation service which can be used as a part of your reporting system’s quality control. Validation is essentially a pre-audit check of your reporting system, the data it produces, the records it keeps and the reports it produces. Validation criteria used include completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservativeness.

Why Use Beyond Neutral®?

An advantage of using Beyond Neutral® as either your climate change consultant or as your reporting validator is the detailed understanding of what is needed for a greenhouse verification/ audit to proceed smoothly. Essentially a “verifier’s eye” will be cast over your reporting. As an experienced verifier of greenhouse gas emissions reporting, Beyond Neutral® can help your company test whether it meets the requirements of whichever scheme you are participating in. This enables you to identify and resolve reporting issues prior to submitting your report to a third party’s scrutiny.

Other Clients Have Benefitted – So Can You!

By using Beyond Neutal®, you will get direct access to extensive climate change knowledge and experience as an integrated part of your team. Over the last decade, about 1 in 4 of the greenhouse gas inventory reports prepared for clients have been the subject to independent third party verifications, typically to the AS/ISO 14064 Standard and to a reasonable assurance level. All of these clients have achieved successful verification outcomes with no adverse findings , minimising their compliance costs and the need to undertake further remedial work on their reporting.