Mitigation and Adaptation

We offer mitigation and adaptation advice to enable your organisation to reduce its emissions and begin the process of adapting to the economic, social and environmental challenges that climate change and a carbon constrained future have begun to exert upon it.

Our specialist abatement services can identify and assess options that are available to you, and can develop and implement typical and innovative emission reduction strategies and projects.

We consistently seek out solutions for our clients which provide multiple benefits from each action thereby maximising the total benefits achieved. The use of effect multipliers is an underpinning concept to our approach to addressing the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability.

We have extensive experience in several key areas (in particular renewable energy and land basedprojects) that will help to drive emissions reductions while beginning the adaptive processes that are required.

We can provide a full range of renewable energy and energy efficiency services which will assist you explore these and other options.

  • We encourage renewable energy technology uptake whenever assisting clients develop abatement action plans.
  • We can undertake technology reviews which focus on the mitigation of emissions and/ or on the adaptive advantages to your organisation in light of a price for carbon being set and the need to ameliorate some of the adverse effects of climate change.
  • We provide expert advice and research on current and potential renewable energy technology to companies, governments and institutions.
  • Our advice on Australian programs and policies has helped project development and underpinned grant applications for the installation of these technologies.

We can advise your organisation on the various issues relating to carbon sequestration and the trading of the sequestered carbon.

  • We understand and can advise on the role of soil carbon and bio-char, and the issues that will affect its applicability in future emissions trading systems.
  • We are able to provide advice and many of the services required to be able to create valid bio-sequestration projects and to access the benefits that can flow from these.
  • We can advise on the various greenhouse options for municipal councils, regional development authorities and natural resource management groups, bringing together the synergistic opportunities that can create multiple benefits and “solve” a set of problems at the same time.

We are currently involved in the development of innovative projects that include:

  • Development of modular, innovative renewable energy generation;
  • Multiple benefit projects improving rural/ regional resilience by exploring synergies between various resources;
  • Bio-energy and sequestration from non-food perennial vegetation on marginal/saline land; and
  • Biological carbon substitution in energy production and industrial processes.