Carbon Footprint

Before fixing your impact on climate change, you need to know how large your carbon footprint is and where the emissions come from. Your footprint needs to be detailed and credible, giving you confidence that it reflects reality. You need to understand and be able to explain the results in order to act on your contribution to climate change.

If you are going to make claims about being carbon neutral, your emissions inventory will need to be able to be checked (verified) by a third party. Same goes for mandatory reporting. Beyond Neutral works with clients to develop their carbon footprint, tailoring it to their specific needs. Use Beyond Neutral’s expertise to streamline your carbon footprinting tasks.  You will access a wealth of experience from developing, assessing and auditing GHG emissions inventories. Rather than going into it here, it is discussed here.

Developing your carbon footprint will be focused on what you need and what you want to achieve.  Working closely with you, your emissions boundary, the gases you emit and what records you need to have will be established. A quality emissions inventory enables you to track your performance over time.  You will be able to tell if your footprint has changed.  You can also develop performance indicators specific to your business’ activities.

With a credible carbon footprint, you can use it as a part of your communications.  Also you can use it in your risk management processes.  It will help prepare your business for a carbon constrained future, e.g. mandatory reporting, various types of emissions trading, or demands from investors.

Once you know your carbon footprint, we can assist you with how to reduce it internally and/ or through the use of our Carbon Offset Portfolio.Contact Beyond Neutral to discuss how to get a carbon footprint developed for your business.

Coal fired power station smoke stack

your carbon footprint is the first step towards reducing your impact on climate change