Accreditation Services (helping you get recognition)

A key part of any project or product gaining recognition of its greenhouse benefits is for it to be accredited under one of the schemes that provide rigour within the greenhouse market.

If you want to create credible carbon credits from your greenhouse abatement project, or if you have a product or service you want make greenhouse claims about, we offer a full range of advisory services to facilitate a successful outcome from the accreditation process.

  • We can undertake the entire process for you, working with your team to develop the required documentation in enough detail that all the necessary components for a successful outcome are included.
  • Alternatively, we can cast a “verifier’s eye” over the prepared documentation and give you an honest appraisal of where it needs to be improved or added to in order to increase the chance of a successful outcome.

Engaging us gives you access to our knowledge and experience as an integral part of your team.

We are able to identify and resolve issues relating to your project’s accreditation or product’s certification prior to submitting your documentation to third party scrutiny.

By improving your project’s/ product’s documentation and rigour in its claims and approach, we help minimise verification and accreditation costs, the potential for adverse findings and the need to undertake further work to finalise the approval process satisfactorily.

Where we have provided these services previously, we enabled the achievement of successful verification results and the gaining of the desired approval.

We have the full range of experience and knowledge of getting a project/product accredited, from project developer to accreditation advisor to verifier.

  • As an accreditation advisor, a review was undertaken and detailed advice provided on the required Greenhouse Friendly™ documentation prior to a client seeking approval of its sequestration projects. Following incorporation of our advice, the project was successfully verified with no major or minor corrective action requests.
  • We have helped others to identify potential pitfalls which could adversely affect the success of their project’s/product’s accreditation; if identified early enough many of these pitfalls can be avoided or worked around at the design phase.
  • We are an accredited verifier for projects and products and services under the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ program and for projects under Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme.  We are one of only five companies that can undertake Greenhouse Friendly™ verifications in the Land Use Change and Forestry sector.