Verified Carbon Standard

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Beyond Neutral sources high quality, accredited carbon offsets from Verified Carbon Standard

If price is a key factor, VCS carbon offsets are often the lowest cost option – this doesn’t mean that they are low quality

There are a wide range of VCS project types covering energy- based and forest-based projects

We have a selection of carbon offsets from VCS



solar PV


solar cookers

safe water (filtration)

waste biomass to energy

run of river hydro-electricity

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VCS accredited carbon offset projects meet accepted quality standards and are

  • independently verified
  • uniquely numbered
  • transparently listed in a central database

VCS carbon offset projects create Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)

Each VCU

  • has a unique serial number
  • is listed in the Verra Registry
  • is able to be tracked from issuance to retirement

This chain of custody and the Standard ensures that all VCUs are

  • real
  • additional
  • permanent
  • independently verified
  • unique
  • traceable

This is why we sell VCS carbon offsets

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

The VCS projects sold by Beyond Neutral create sustainability co-benefits beyond the carbon

You can purchase carbon credits from projects that

  • improve local infrastructure (bridges, roads, electricity supply)
  • improve access to medicines and education
  • increase local employment and improve opportunities for local businesses
  • reduce firewood gathering
  • stop deforestation and habitat loss
  • improve the living conditions of women and children

Beyond Neutral identifies each project’s sustainability co-benefits during the quoting process

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