The Ultimate Step (to addressing climate change)

We have three general approaches to addressing climate change. The first is that dealing with climate change goes further than just compliance, advising clients on how to access benefits through effective responses. The second approach seeks out greenhouse actions providing multiple positive outcomeswhich help move us towards improved sustainability.

Our third approach can be summarised as helping clients take the “ultimate step” in dealing with the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability. They can do this through the Carbon Offset Portfolio by either purchasing and retiring enough offsets to move past carbon neutral, and/or purchasing credits that have a sustainability dividend associated with the credit.

More Than Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is currently heavily promoted. Accepting the science and its implications, then carbon neutrality is but an intermediate step on the pathway to addressing greenhouse impacts. Five years ago carbon neutral was considered a ‘fringe concept’ which very few businesses or the community considered; now it is ‘mainstream’. By 2010 or 2015, will carbon neutrality be enough for society or business?

Moving towards, or becoming carbon neutral is a positive step in dealing with greenhouse and we can help you along that pathway in an effective and efficient manner which has multiple benefits.

Once the focus shifts from being neutral to being part of the solution, a range of options become available that go beyond the race to zero.

Our approach is underpinned by several fundamental concepts.

A brief synopsis of who can currently make use of the Carbon Offset Portfolio and its associated footprinting/ offsetting service is provided. The list of sectors discussed is not an exhaustive list; it is meant to provide an indication that our approach is available to all, large or small.

A step by step summary of what is involved in the offsetting process explains how it is progressed from setting your goals to retiring the offset. We are able to assist you in many of the steps in order to simplify the offsetting process for you.

Carbon neutrality is a race to zero; join Beyond Neutral® in the race to the top.

Carbon Offset Portfolio

By using our Carbon Offset Portfolio, you can make your response to greenhouse be something beyond the need to stop being part of the problem.

It provides you with a greater range of options than those offered in the typical carbon neutral response. The typical response does not overtly recognise the need to intertwine your response to climate change with the pressing need to rapidly and significantly improve the sustainability of development across the world.

We have provided some information about the types of projects used to source offsets for the Portfolio as well as a summary of the offset schemes that accredit our offsets, many of which have a strong connection to sustainability outcomes.


Greenhouse and sustainability are problems your customers want addressed; they will support your business if it genuinely aids them to be a part of the greenhouse solution or they can help to enhance sustainability through their use of your products or services.

Customers will reward organisations that move past a neutral position and become an active participant in the global response to greenhouse. These rewards will be in the form of enhanced reputation, leading to increased sales and market share.

Beyond Neutral® will help move your company ahead of its competitors, leaving them at the intermediate step on the pathway to addressing greenhouse, while you have clear air to communicate your message.

We are in the process of exploring licensing and certification which could provide recognition to an organisation that has gone through the offsetting process and meets certain criteria. If interested in this, contact us.

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