When you buy one tonne (a carbon unit) of either VCS or Gold Standard carbon unit, you wont be physically delivered a tonne of CO2e

1 tonne of CO2e occupies about the same volume as an average house – 1 kg CO2 is about that of an average refrigerator

After You Buy Your Carbon Offsets

The issuing, trading and retiring of VCS and Gold Standard carbon units is done electronically, with each unit given a unique serial number and tracked through the appropriate Standard’s Registry

In order to turn the carbon unit you bought into a carbon offset, the unit needs to be retired in its Standard’s Registry

As stated in our Carbon Shop T&C’s, your Order is Fulfilled when your carbon units have been retired in the Registry by Beyond Neutral on your behalf

We strive to ensure that any accepted order is Fulfilled within 48 hours (Customer Service Policy – Carbon Shop T&Cs, clause 2.1b) – often its on the same day

Evidence of Retirement

Once your carbon offsets have been retired, you will receive evidence of this via the email address provided by you during checkout

This email will include confirmation from the Registry of the retirement, links and images of your publicly viewable Registry entry and Beyond Neutral’s Statement of Carbon Offset Retirement

The retirement information provided includes:

  • the quantity and serial numbers of the carbon offsets retired
  • the date and time of retirement
  • the offset project’s details (number, type, location, vintage)
  • who retired the offsets and on whose behalf

Documentation is designed to satisfy auditor requirements for carbon neutral claims, especially under Climate Active


No shipping costs (everything is included in the purchase price)


Free delivery – there are no additional costs beyond the purchase price

Retirement documentation is delivered to the email address provided by you during checkout

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