Technical Advice

Helping our clients by providing technical advice on a diverse range of climate change related topics


Addressing climate change often raises many questions, some complex

We can help answer them

What We Offer

Climate change consulting services beyond footprints, action plans and reports

Technical advice including, amongst others:

  • research and analysis
  • climate and emission impact assessment
  • development of codes of practice, policy and informational tools
  • training and presentations
  • reviews of reports, projects, programs and databases

Access to 25+ years of experience, expertise and knowledge focused on climate change issues encompassing:

  • energy generation and supply
  • water treatment and sewerage
  • transport
  • food and industrial processing
  • building management
  • agriculture, land use change and forestry (AFOLU)

Available to both private sector and Government clients

An Approach Built on Experience

The following list is an indication of the technical advice Beyond Neutral® can provide:

  • Research, analysis and report production across a wide range of topics
  • Specialist contributions into impact assessment processes on issues relating to climate change and emissions
  • General advice and detailed responses to questions of staff and customers relating to all aspects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change
  • Development of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency tools to assist understanding of staff and customers
  • Production of quality information and accurate wording for use in publicity materials minimising the risk of unclear or misleading statements being made
  • Production of policy position papers
  • Reviews of reports and technical information as a part of quality assurance processes
  • Review of programs, policies and climate action plans for Government and business
  • External review of impact assessment statement’s treatment of greenhouse and energy (production and efficiency) issues
  • Providing training, guidance, presentations, seminars and workshops on climate change related topics

Get advice that helps answer your climate change questions

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