Products and Services (assisting you be part of the solution)

As a part of our offsetting service, we offer a range of products and services which will assist you to be greater part of the solution to the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability.

Footprinting Services

We can help you identify how big your current footprint is and where it is coming from.

This is a vital step in the decision process that will help determine where you want to be on the continuum of carbon neutrality (moving towards, at neutral, or moving past neutral).

This footprinting service is able to provide you with a credible, robust inventory of emissions which you can use to demonstrate where you are at and where you will be once you have done all that you can internally and offset the amount that you consider appropriate.

Action Plans and Carbon Offset Portfolio

We can help you develop a plan of action that will help to reduce your emissions and “get your house in order” in terms of what drives your emission profile.

We will work with you to identify actions that are greenhouse effective, encourage continual improvement and promote the uptake of actions by your staff, customers, suppliers and local community.

We will help you establish, where appropriate, codes of practice and policies that reinforce your desire to be part of the solution.

Once we have gone as far as we can with internal reductions, we are able to offer you the Carbon Offset Portfolio which provides a range of options that will help you to achieve both a greenhouse and sustainability outcome.

Events, Entertainment and Leisure

We offer an approach that enables your event or entertainment and leisure products and services to work in terms of having a good time while helping drive solutions to the twin imperatives that confront us all.

The approach you take can be the typical carbon neutral one that moves you into the crowd of all the others that have also done this.

We can help you do this the same way all the others have or in a way that will help your event stand out from the crowd; contact us to discuss the options.

If you want to do more in a way that leaves the others “flat footed” then contact us and we can discuss how we can get you to the front of the crowd, into the clear air so you can communicate your commitment to being part of the solution while helping your customers/ clients/ guests be part of it as well.

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