Emissions Reporting

smokestacks emitting CO2

Tell your climate journey


Need to report your emissions? 

Your report’s information is accurate, accessible, accepted?

Quality, accurate information helps build trust through accountability


Want to report your progress – internally, to customers, or to suppliers?

 Information is vital to managing reputational risk and demonstrating your climate progress


Are you participating in a voluntary scheme where you report on your climate impact and actions?

Meet the scheme’s requirements and stakeholder expectations, especially if released publicly e.g. Climate Active


Crossed the mandatory reporting threshold for Australia’s NGERS (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme)?

You have to report emissions, so it is a marginal cost to widen your perspective to include climate actions

Unsure if you have, we can help you develop your emissions inventory

Beyond Neutral’s comprehensive climate reports are tailored to your needs

What We Offer

Carbon reports meeting your requirements to report emissions, highlight actions and track progress

power lines deliver electricity
Powerlines deliver electricity to end users; their electricity use has to be included in carbon reports

Climate reporting schemes’ requirements vary

  • some focus on emissions and energy only, others add in topics like carbon neutrality, sustainability, economics, risk, climate impacts

Target audiences vary in the information they seek

  • some want information about your carbon performance, others about your broader climate journey

Successful emissions reporting requires expertise and experience across

  • data gathering and analysis
  • compliance assessment
  • communication of complex information

Numerous successful external audits of clients’ reporting demonstrate the quality of work undertaken by Beyond Neutral

An Approach Built on Experience

Beyond Neutral’s approach to carbon reporting generates benefits for clients today and into the future

  • meeting their current compliance requirements
  • making their reporting comprehensive and robust
  • working to make their reporting processes future ready

The foundation of our approach is 25+ years of industry recognized emissions reporting experience, developing, assessing and verifying 100s of greenhouse gas emission reports

Responding to constantly evolving climate policies, we’ve assisted several larger clients to use their carbon reporting to better understand a carbon-constrained future’s impacts and opportunities

  • The need to prepare for ever-increasing expectations of business is self-evident, given increased recognition of the urgency of addressing climate change
rubbish at landfill contributes to climate change
Rubbish sent to a landfill emits methane - which can be captured and turned into electricity

Comprehensive emissions reporting enables you to use carbon information for multiple purposes

trees and soil contain carbon which can be lost or added to
Carbon can be lost or gained from the carbon sink that is the landscape

Multi-Purpose Carbon Reports

Our extensive experience assists your successful participation in

An example of this – a client’s use of our carbon reporting process to

  • comply with mandatory reporting to Government
  • provide voluntary reporting to various industry associations
  • incorporate its information into corporate environment and sustainability reporting
  • include climate data in corporate Annual Report

Climate reporting documents the carbon-constrained future’s impacts and opportunities

Other Climate Consulting Services

What’s Being Reported?

You need to know your emissions in order to report them

We can help you develop your emissions inventory

Lower the amount being reported through your carbon action plan

We can advise you how to reduce it within your business

Achieve carbon neutral, and beyond with high sustainability co-benefits

Choose from a diverse selection of awesome projects to offset your emissions

Get comprehensive carbon reporting of your emissions and climate actions

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