Consulting services

Consulting Services

Climate change consulting services beyond footprints, action plans and reports

Helping our clients by providing consulting services across on a diverse range of climate change related topics

Addressing climate change often raises many questions, some complex

We can help answer them


Technical advice to answer your climate questions

Technical Advice

What We Offer

Technical advice including, amongst others:

  • research and analysis
  • climate and emission impact assessment
  • development of codes of practice, policy and informational tools
  • training and presentations
  • reviews of reports, projects, programs and databases


Access to 25+ years of experience, expertise and knowledge focused on climate change issues encompassing:

  • energy generation and supply
  • water treatment and sewerage
  • transport
  • food and industrial processing
  • building management
  • agriculture, land use change and forestry (AFOLU)

Available to both private sector and Government clients

An Approach Built on Experience

The following list is an indication of the technical advice Beyond Neutral® can provide:

  • Research, analysis and report production across a wide range of topics
  • Specialist contributions into impact assessment processes on issues relating to climate change and emissions
  • General advice and detailed responses to questions of staff and customers relating to all aspects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change
  • Development of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency tools to assist understanding of staff and customers
  • Production of quality information and accurate wording for use in publicity materials minimising the risk of unclear or misleading statements being made
  • Production of policy position papers
  • Reviews of reports and technical information as a part of quality assurance processes
  • Review of programs, policies and climate action plans for Government and business
  • External review of impact assessment statement’s treatment of greenhouse and energy (production and efficiency) issues
  • Providing training, guidance, presentations, seminars and workshops on climate change related topics

Get advice that helps answer your climate change questions


Mitigate your climate impacts and adapt to a carbon-constrained future

Mitigation and Adaptation

We seek solutions for our clients providing multiple benefits from each action, maximising the total benefits achieved

The use of effect multipliers is an underpinning concept used to address the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainability

Mitigation is everything you do to improve your climate performance, helping make climate change less severe

Adaptation at its broadest, encompasses everything done to prepare and respond to the carbon constrained future which is upon us

Installing solar panels not only reduces your current footprint, it is a way of preparing your business for today’s future of increasing constraints on carbon: social, environmental, economic


Mitigation is a form of adaptation as carbon becomes constrained

What We Offer

Mitigation and adaptation advice enabling your business to reduce its climate impacts and adapt to a carbon constrained future

Specialist abatement services include:

  • identifying and assessing climate options available to your business
  • working with you to develop and implement typical or innovative emission reduction strategies and projects

Our extensive experience includes key areas of mitigation and adaptation

  • helping drive emission reductions and to progress the required adaptive processes

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

We offer renewable energy and energy efficiency services to assist your business explore options

  • we encourage renewable energy technology uptake whenever assisting clients develop abatement action plans
  • undertaking technology reviews focusing on the mitigation of emissions and on the adaptive advantages to your business factoring in the carbon cost and the need to ameliorate negative climate impacts
  • expert advice on current and potential renewable energy technologies

Our advice on Australian programs and policies has helped project development and underpinned grant applications for the installation of these technologies

Adapt to the economic, social and environmental challenges that climate change and a carbon constrained future are exerting upon your business

Land-Based Options

Carbon sequestration and the potential trading of the sequestered carbon has lots of upsides but also potential barriers to its successful uptake

We provide land-based mitigation advice on a variety of topics

  • the role of forests, soil carbon and bio-char as mitigation actions and adaptive strategies
    • opportunities and issues affecting their applicability in emissions trading systems
  • creation of valid bio-sequestration projects and accessing the benefits flowing from these
  • land-based climate options for municipal councils, regional development authorities and natural resource management groups
    • bringing together synergistic opportunities that create multiple benefits, potentially solving different problems simultaneously

We have provided advice during the development phase of innovative projects

  • modular, innovative renewable energy generation
  • projects improving rural/ regional resilience by exploring synergies between various resources
  • bio-energy and sequestration from non-food perennial vegetation on marginal/ saline land
  • substitution of biological carbon (replacing coal) in energy production and industrial processes

Get advice on mitigating your business climate impacts and adapting to a carbon constrained future


Validate your data to identify and resolve reporting issues

Validate Your Data

If the processes for determining your carbon footprint (emissions inventory) are already established, Beyond Neutral® provides validation services, a necessary quality control component of your emission reporting

Validation is essentially a pre-audit check of your reporting system, the data it produces, the records it keeps and the reports it produces

Validation criteria used include completeness, consistency, accuracy, transparency, relevance and conservative-ness

What We Offer

An advantage of using Beyond Neutral as either your climate change consultant or as your reporting validator is the detailed understanding of what is needed for a greenhouse verification/ audit to proceed smoothly

Essentially a “verifier’s eye” will be cast over your reporting

Our experience as a verifier of emissions reporting means we can help your company test whether it meets the requirements of whichever scheme you are participating in, voluntarily or mandatory

This enables you to identify and resolve reporting issues prior to submitting your report to a third party’s scrutiny

Our Track Record

By using Beyond Neutral, you get direct access to extensive climate change knowledge and experience as an integrated part of your team

Over the long time we’ve been doing this, about 1 in 4 of the emissions inventory reports prepared for clients have been the subject to independent third party verifications, typically to the AS/ISO 14064 Standard and to a reasonable assurance level

All of these clients have achieved successful verification outcomes with no adverse findings , minimising their compliance costs and the need to undertake further remedial work on their reporting


Identify and resolve issues before submitting your accreditation documentation

Accreditation Advice

Many companies, projects, products or services undertaking climate action seek recognition through carbon neutral accreditation

Australian’s current national carbon neutral program is Climate Active

Advisory services facilitating a successful outcome from your accreditation process

We work with you to develop the required accreditation documentation

  • in enough detail and with all of the necessary components for a successful outcome

Alternatively, we can cast a “verifier’s eye” over your prepared documentation

  • you will get an honest, independent appraisal of what is needed to get a successful outcome

Engage us to access our knowledge and experience as an integral part of your team

We help you identify and resolve issues about your accreditation prior to submitting your documentation

What We Offer

By improving your documentation and the rigour in its claims and approach, we help

  • minimise subsequent verification and accreditation costs overall
  • reduce the potential for adverse findings
  • avoid the need to undertake further unexpected work in order to finalise the approval process satisfactorily

Our services enabled achievement of successful verification results and ultimately, gaining of the desired accreditation

We’ve Done it Before

Full range of experience and knowledge of gaining accreditation, be it a project, a product or a service

from the perspective of project developer, accreditation advisor, verifier

What We’ve Done gives details of Beyond Neutral’s wide ranging experience

In summary, it includes

  • Our involvement in the ground-breaking Queensland avoided deforestation project
    • accredited under Greenhouse Friendly™
      • Australia’s first national carbon offset accreditation + carbon neutral certification program
        • predecessor to Climate Active
  • Advice to offset project developer seeking approval of their sequestration projects
    • review and detailed advice provided on their documentation prior to successful verification
  • Identifying potential pitfalls which could adversely affect project’s/product’s accreditation
    • identified early enough, many pitfalls can be avoided or worked through during the design phase
  • Accredited verifier under Greenhouse Friendly™
    • for products and services
    • for Land Use Change and Forestry sector – one of only five companies in Australia
  • Also an accredited verifier for projects under Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme, operating around the same time


Get advice that assists a successful accreditation process for your business

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