Climate Action Plans

climate action plans involve lots of options

We need a plan

What path are we taking on the climate journey?

How do you know you are making progress?

Every important journey needs a plan; addressing climate change is no different


Do you know everything being done currently to reduce your carbon impact?

Create a coherent picture of what is being done and then, add to it


Beyond reducing your emissions, are qualitative actions like cultural change and continual improvement included?

Climate change affects all aspects of a business so your action plan should as well


Beyond Neutral helps you create an effective climate action plan


What We Offer

A climate action plan that works for you

Our approach is based on experience of what has worked, across a wide range of sectors and company sizes over many years

  • utilities (electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications), manufacturing facilities, community-based entities and the services sector
  • operating vehicle fleets from a couple to more than 1000 vehicles
  • managing diverse portfolios of buildings and significant infrastructure

An abatement options discovery process for what your business control’s and where it can influence change

  • quantitative and qualitative actions are explored, drawing out innovative or potential options

For a larger corporation, typically 40-80 actions are identified

  • mitigation projects
  • organisational cultural change
  • continual improvement of company processes, procedures and practices

Smaller businesses usually have less actions though many of the qualitative actions will be similar


Increased understanding, engagement and awareness of what is being done and where the climate journey is headed

  • opportunity to contribute helps create “buy in” for the plan

Executive and senior management demonstrate support for reducing emissions

  • to staff, and more broadly, to customers, suppliers, shareholders, government

A climate action plan identifying actions available to your business

  • tracking, reporting and reviewing the action plan regularly strengthens it and the business’s climate response
actions in climate action plan
Action plans address energy supply, waste, energy efficiency, landscape

Track, Report, Review: strengthen your business’s climate response

Least-cost Abatement

Least-cost abatement is an important consideration in any climate action plan, especially in today’s economy

  • Are there climate actions that actually save you money or cost nothing per tonne of CO2?
  • What is the cost per tonne of the emissions taken off your footprint?
  • How many additional sustainability co-benefits are created for the cost of the climate action?

Offsets (e.g. carbon, renewable electricity) are abatement actions beyond your internal actions

Carbon offsets enable you to factor their price per tonne into your action plan deliberations, helping ensure you are achieving least-cost abatement that is highly effective in addressing both climate change and sustainability

Our Carbon Shop enables you to select climate actions with a range of sustainability outcomes; actions that have been verified as emission reductions

Why Plan?

Example of autoclaves - autoclaves are used to manufacture AAC blocks

The adage about failing to plan applies to any climate response

Implementing a climate action plan not only helps reduce your emissions

  • extend your influence to lower suppliers’ and customers’ emissions
  • improve recognition of what your business is doing
  • identify opportunities to improve your standing in the community within which you operate

Other Climate Consulting Services

Now You Have a Plan

You need to know how your emissions have changed to see the effectiveness of your climate actions

We can help you develop your emissions inventory

As you move forward on your climate journey, you may want to report your progress

We can help you report your emissions and action plan’s progress

Achieve carbon neutral, and beyond with high sustainability co-benefits

Choose from a diverse selection of awesome projects to offset your emissions

Develop an effective climate action plan for your business

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