Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint graphic

We all have one


How large is your carbon footprint?

Where do the emissions come from?

To act on your impact on climate change, you need to know these


Is your footprint detailed and credible?

You need to understand it and be able to explain the results


Does it reflect reality?

A good footprint is the foundation upon which our climate actions are built

Beyond Neutral’s carbon footprint gives you confidence to act on climate change

What We Offer

A quality carbon footprint developed specifically for your business

Footprints across sand representing your climate journey
We all have one, its what you do with yours that counts

Working with clients to develop their carbon footprint (emissions inventory), we take into account their specific needs

  • A carbon footprint for a business wanting to independently address its climate impact
  • A carbon footprint for a business wanting accreditation for achieving climate neutral e.g. Climate Active in Australia
  • An emissions inventory for a corporation having to report under NGERS in Australia

All are “carbon footprints” but each is different in its scope and use


Expertise and Experience Makes Your Job Easier

Beyond Neutral’s expertise will help streamline your carbon footprint’s development, focused on what you need and want to achieve

Access a wealth of experience gained developing, assessing and verifying 100s of carbon footprints for companies of all sizes and across many sectors of the economy

If there is a need for your footprint to be verified/ audited, you are in good hands as our footprints have been successfully audited many times

Quality Outcome

Your carbon footprint will establish your emissions boundary, the gases you emit and cause to be emitted and the records you need to have

A quality, comprehensive emissions inventory enables you to track your climate performance over time

You will be able to tell if your footprint has changed

Develop performance indicators specific to your business’ activities using the footprint and key business metrics

  • Indicators enabling you to determine if your emissions intensity is being driven in the right direction


A Quality Footprint Has Its Uses

A credible carbon footprint can be used to communicate your commitment to climate action

It helps to know what is an accurate claim

You can use it to inform your risk management processes

  • Business is increasingly expected by investors, customers, suppliers, regulators, government to be addressing its climate impacts
Coal fired power station smoke stack
Carbon Footprint - your first step in reducing your climate impact

Prepare your business for a carbon constrained future, which is from today

Other Climate Consulting Services

After the Footprint

Once you know your carbon footprint, get rid of it

We can advise you how to reduce it within your business

As you move forward on your climate journey, you may want to report your progress

We can help you report your emissions and action plan’s progress

Achieve carbon neutral, and beyond with high sustainability co-benefits

Choose from a diverse selection of awesome projects to offset your emissions

Get a quality carbon footprint developed for your business

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