Specialist climate change consulting to business and Government

  Award winning expertise from an accredited climate change specialist with 25+ years experience

First-hand experience of the intricacies of responding to carbon-constrained future

Helping clients quantify, reduce and neutralise their carbon footprint

Achieve sustainability outcomes from your carbon spend

What We Do


Understand Your Impact

Each footprint is different – some complex, some simple


Detailed, Multi-Purpose

Use your climate information for multiple purposes

Climate Action

We Need a Plan

Create an effective climate action plan that works for you



Its Your Choice

Energy-based, Forest-based, Safe Water, Cookstoves


Carbon Neutral

Neutrality, and Beyond

Everything you need to get to carbon neutral, and beyond




Since the Start

Providing NGERS reporting services for over a decade

Climate Active

Want Help

Eligible offsets, consulting services


Sustainability Beyond Carbon

High Co-Benefit Projects

Putting a face on carbon


Enabling clients to achieve their climate needs and goals

Footprint  |  Action  |  Report  |  Offset

Trying to work out your Carbon Footprint?

Need to submit an Emissions Report?

Want to take Climate Action?

To carbon neutral, and beyond – you’ll need Carbon Offsets!


Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint - we all have one

Emissions Reporting

Smokestacks representing greenhouse gas emissions needing to be reported

Climate Action

Climate action plans

Carbon Offsets

Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) - listed as Critically Endangered with a decreasing population on the IUCN's Red List - Orangutan habitat is protected by REDD+ projects in Indonesia

Promoting a pro-active response to rapidly changing expectations around climate

Why Use Us?

We seek out climate responses providing sustainability beyond carbon, helping improve the outcomes from your carbon spend

We provide reasoned climate advice based on extensive experience of carbon footprints, actions, reports and offsets

We work with your business to identify, reduce and neutralise your carbon footprint

In today’s carbon-constrained future, we assist you to respond, adapt and lead

We encourage and assist clients to be on the climate “front foot”

Our reputation for highly professional and accurate work

As you move forward on your climate journey, Beyond Neutral offers key services that you will need

Carbon footprint is created by many emission sources - we all have one, its what you do with yours that matters

Quality carbon footprint developed specifically for your business that gives you confidence to act on climate change

  • A good footprint is the foundation upon which our climate actions are built
Chimneys emitting air pollution including carbon dioxide

Comprehensive climate reports tailored to your requirements to report emissions, highlight actions and track progress

  • You need to know how your emissions have changed to see the effectiveness of your climate actions
Building Integrated PV

Creation of an effective climate action plan that works for you

  • Tracking, reporting and regularly reviewing your climate action plan strengthens your business’s climate response
Bonobo gathering water lily - Congo REDD+

Achieve carbon neutral and beyond, using carbon offsets with high sustainability co-benefits

  • Help improve the lives of the world’s poorest people and protect the world’s biodiversity hotspots
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