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Wind – Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, India

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Project Name: 53.75 MW Bundled Wind Power Project in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 724, 2013

Project Location: Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, India

Project Type: Wind (53.75 MW)

Project Description: 53.75 MW wind farm with 53 turbines across 6 districts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: Local jobs and skills generated, improved electricity supply and roads encourage new economic activity


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Project Description

This project harnesses the wind power potential that exists across barren, non-agrarian hilly areas in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

There are five individual Project participants from various industries who have set up wind turbines which are bundled in this Project

The project consists of 53 wind turbines (20 x 1500 kW Suzlon, 20 x 600 kW Suzlon, 4 x 1250 kW Suzlon and 9 x 750 kW Vesta) with a total installed capacity of 53.75 MW

The electricity generated is sold to the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu State Electricity Boards in the INDIAN Grid, which has an emission intensity of 0.9269 tCO2e/ MWh

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

The project installed higher capacity wind turbines which helped demonstrate the reliability of large capacity wind turbines. This encouraged higher levels of investment as well as research and development in higher capacity turbines with improved efficiency

The project created employment opportunities for the local community during construction and operation

The local workforce’s technical skills and knowledge has improved, leading to increased capacity and knowledge building

The infrastructure in and around the project area has been improved due to project activities, including development of the road network and improvement of electricity availability in the region

The project has led to increased investment into a developing region which otherwise would not have happened

The generated electricity improves the grid frequency and availability of electricity to local consumers, helping overcome the
supply/ demand gap which causes problems like unreliable electricity and brown outs

Improved electricity supply provides new opportunities for industries and other economic activities to be set-up in the area, thereby resulting in greater local employment and overall development

The project helps reduce air pollutants (especially NOx, SOx and particulates) by displacing fossil fuel generation


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