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January 1, 2023
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January 1, 2023
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Wind – Kutch, Gujarat, India

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Project Name: 150 MW Grid Connected Wind Power Based Electricity Generation Project in Gujarat, India

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 292, 2019-2020

Project Location: Gujarat, India

Project Type: Wind (150 MW)

Project Description: 150 MW wind farm with 100 turbines generating approximately over 348 GWh per year

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: Avoids air pollution, addresses electricity demand/supply gap, improves employment and infrastructure


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Project Description

The project is a 150 MW wind farm consisting of 100 x 1.5 MW wind turbines

The project annually exports approximately 348 GWh of renewable energy to the Indian grid which has an emissions intensity of 0.9368 tCO2/ MWh

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Demand for electricity in Gujarat is growing quickly, with a significant supply – demand gap existing.  The project helps to meet Gujarat’s electricity demand while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

It helps improve the local grid’s power characteristics, improving reliability and usability

The project displaces conventional/ fossil fuel-based electricity generation

It reduces India’s reliance on foreign and locally sourced fossil fuels and local air pollution caused by fossil fuel electricity generation

The project’s direct and indirect benefits help alleviate poverty through employment generation and improved economic activities resulting from a strengthening of the local grid

The infrastructure in and around the project area has also been improved, including development of the road network

The project leads to economic investment in a developing region which otherwise would not have happened in its absence

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