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Solar PV – Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, India

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Project Name: Bundled Solar Power Project by Vector Green Energy Private Limited

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 1770, 2018

Project Location: Mahabubnagar and Vikarabad districts, Telangana & Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Project Type: Solar PV (105 MW)

Project Description: 105 MW solar PV installed in 2 Indian states using over 1 million PV panels.

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: Reduces electricity demand/supply gap and pollutants, creates employment and infrastructure development


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Project Description

Project has a total installed capacity of 105 MW at 3 sites (15 MW, 50 MW and 40 MW) across 2 Indian sates (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)

The project produces over 169 GWh annually, supplying the Indian Grid which has an emissions intensity of 0.9653 tCO2e/ MWh

The PV project will use over 1,000,000 solar PV modules

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

It helps reduce the electricity demand/ supply gap that exists in both States, helping improve the reliability and quality of the electricity grid.  This helps economic activity in the area

It reduces India’s reliance on foreign sourced fuels and local fossil fuels, and reduces air pollution

Permanent and temporary employment opportunities for local skilled and unskilled people helps improve their economic conditions

It brings additional investment to the region and is contributing towards infrastructure development in the region

Generating electricity using renewable energy, it reduces GHG emissions as well as SOx, NOx and particulates associated with the conventional thermal power generation

It acts to promote the uptake of solar PV power and helps encourage others to develop similar projects

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