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Safe Water and/or Cookstoves – Rwanda

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Project Name: DelAgua Public Health Program in Eastern Africa

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 2400, 2015-18

Project Location: Western, Northern and Eastern provinces of Rwanda

Project Type: Safe Water and/or Cookstoves

Project Description: Zero-energy household water filters and/or high-efficiency cookstoves distributed directly to over 295,000 households of on average 4 people, across 16 districts of Rwanda

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: Gravity water filters replace the need to boil drinking water using forest fuels while cookstoves reduce fuelwood use, improving indoor air quality, reducing water borne and/or respiratory illnesses, especially among children


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Project Description

Zero-energy LifeStraw® Family water filter units and/or Dura high-efficiency cookstoves were distributed directly to 295,794 households across 16 districts in 3 provinces of Rwanda

In 2014, 100,567 households across 7 districts received both the water filters and cookstoves.  In 2016 another 195,227 households across all 16 districts received cookstoves only.  Each household has on average 4 people

The LifeStraw® Family is a point-of-use water filter that helps people access safe drinking water.  It is an instant microbiological purifier that delivers at least 18,000 litres of USEPA-quality drinking water.  It reduces the use and demand for firewood for water treatment by boiling, directly leading to reduced CO2 emissions

The Dura is a high-efficiency, family-sized cook stove based on the ‘rocket stove’ concept of operation.  These stoves are considerably more efficient than the standard three-stone-fire and reduce the use of non-renewable biomass for cooking.  These stoves can achieve a complete burn of combustible materials resulting in little to no smoke, greatly improving indoor air quality

Households with existing running water in their homes only receive cookstoves, but not water filters

Only carbon credits generated from the cookstoves are quantified by the project with credits from the water filters not claimed currently.  The annual average emission reductions are estimated to be over 1 million tCO2e

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Training was provided to Community Health Workers who then provided training to households in the use of the technologies prior to its distribution.  Follow-up in-home training was then provided to ensure proper use and maintenance

Cookstoves and safe water projects reduce the use of unsustainably harvested fuel, which:

  • reduces the considerable time, effort and risk of injury or violence while collecting fuel
  • provides increased time for other tasks, education, employment and economic activity
  • decreases the degradation of local forests and the associated impacts on biodiversity
  • improves indoor air quality and drinking water supplies
  • helps improve health and safety, especially for women and children
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