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Run-of-River Hydro – Uttarakhand, India

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Project Name: Vishnuprayag Hydro-electric Project

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 173, 2015

Project Location: Uttarakhand, India

Project Type: Run-of-River Hydro (400 MW)

Project Description: Run-of-river hydro-electricity project uses 4 x 100 MW Pelton turbines with no storage dam and minimal environmental impact.  Generation during the year depends on stream flows

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: The project generates employment opportunities, creates regional infrastructure development, improves electricity supply and air quality.  Stakeholders consulted on regular intervals


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Project Description

This run-of-river hydro-electricity project has no storage dam upstream nor downstream and consists of 4 x 100 MW Pelton turbines

The project consists of a diversion barrage across the Alaknanda River, 11.3 km head race tunnel, underground power station and a 1.9 km tail race tunnel and outfall

As the project does not have any storage facilities, power generation throughout the year depends on current stream flows

The project supplies around 3,850,000 MWh annually to the INDIAN Power Grid, which has an emissions intensity of 0.9450 tCO2/MWh

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

The project generates employment opportunities during the construction and operation phases

It has led to regional infrastructure development (e.g. roads)

It helps reduce the region’s electricity demand and supply gap, helping improve the reliability and quality of the electricity.  This improved power supply helps support business opportunities

The project is a clean technology investment in the region, which would not have taken place in the absence of carbon finance

Its electricity displaces grid electricity generated by mainly fossil fuel-based power plants and reduces the exploitation and depletion of non-renewable energy resources.  Generating electricity using renewable energy, it reduces GHG emissions as well as SOx, NOx and particulates associated with the conventional thermal power generation

The project’s operation promotes hydro-electricity based power generation and encourages other similar projects

As a part of continual improvement process, feedback from the associated stakeholders is vital and as such, a publicly accessible register has been placed at the project site.  Stakeholder meetings are organized on regular intervals in order to identify the major challenges around the area

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