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Run-of-River Hydro – Sirma, Aegean, Türkiye

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Project Name: Sırma Run-of-River Hydro Project

Project Number, Vintage: VCS 603, 2015

Project Location: Aegean Region, Türkiye

Project Type: Run-of-River Hydro (5.88 MW)

Project Description: Small run-of-river hydro (5.88 MW) using an existing irrigation canal with no storage dam generating approximately 23,000 MWh/ year

Sustainability Beyond Carbon: Creates employment and economic benefits for remote rural community, improves energy supply, minimal environmental impact due to no storage dam


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Project Description

This run-of-river hydro-electricity project uses three 1.96 MW vertical axis Kaplan type turbines

It is downstream of the existing Kemer weir system and uses an existing irrigation canal leading down from the weir

The water is directed towards a head pond from where it is sent through a penstock to the three turbines powering three generators, with electricity generated exported to the transmission grid

Project supplies around 23,230 MWh annually to the Turkish Power Grid, which has an emissions intensity of 0.5502 tCO2e/ MWh

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

The project is a clean technology investment in the region, which would not have taken place without carbon finance

It reduces Türkiye’s expanding energy deficit, diversifies the Turkish electricity generation system and reduces energy import dependency

Local employment and income generated during construction and operation, directly and indirectly through contracts with local providers for supply of construction materials

Fosters infrastructural investments with connected development benefits to the local rural community in the remote project area

Makes the rural electricity supply more reliable, with better availability and more cost efficient thanks to decreased distances between generation and consumption points

Its electricity displaces grid electricity generated by mainly fossil fuel-based power plants and reduces the exploitation and depletion of non-renewable energy resources

It reduces GHG emissions as well as SOx, NOx and particulates associated with the conventional thermal power generation

The project’s operation promotes hydro-electricity based power generation and encourages other similar projects

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