Verified Carbon Standard

Beyond Neutral® only sources high quality, accredited offsets.

If price is a key determinant, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) offsets are typically the lowest cost option.

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) was founded to provide a robust, quality assurance standard.  Projects use VCS requirements to ensure their carbon reductions meet accepted quality standards, are independently verified, uniquely numbered and transparently listed in a central database.  VCS is among the most widely used carbon accounting standards by projects issuing credits in voluntary markets.

VCS credits are issued with a unique serial number and they are listed in a registry system that connects directly to a central VCS Project Database, enabling the tracking of all Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) from issuance to retirement.  This chain of custody ensures that all VCUs are real, additional, permanent, independently verified, unique and traceable.

VCS projects include renewable energy, energy efficiency and land based activities as well as the capture and destruction of coal mine methane and other fugitive gases.

Many VCS projects have significant sustainable development co-benefits associated with them, such as improved infrastructure (bridges, roads, electricity supply, medical facilities and schools), increased local employment, reduced firewood gathering and associated environmental degradation.

Beyond Neutral® will identify projects’ co-benefits during the quoting process.

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