The Twin Imperatives: Climate Change and Sustainability

If we are to deal effectively with some of the many current and future crises that face humanity and our global ecosystems, climate change and sustainability need to be addressed simultaneously and in a reinforcing manner.

Greenhouse (aka climate change, global warming) will impact on all our attempts to improve the sustainability of our ecosystems, society and economy in ways that may overwhelm our attempts to improve sustainability.

There is a clear need to deal with climate change and its adverse effects in ways that improve the sustainability of those systems that are exacerbating emissions growth and the subsequent shortening of the timeframe in which severe adverse impacts will appear.

This is why we call climate change and sustainability the twin imperatives.

We have designed the Carbon Offset Portfolio to facilitate support for projects that improve one or both of these. We also promote the concept that projects that provide multiple benefits in addition to addressing greenhouse emissions will help improve sustainability.