Clear Air (to market yourself)

Greenhouse is a problem your customers want addressed; they will support your business if it genuinely aids them to be a part of the solution through their use of your products or services.

Moving towards, or becoming carbon neutral is a positive step in dealing with greenhouse and we can help you along that pathway in an effective and efficient manner which has multiple benefits.

Once there, you will find that you share the space with a growing number of businesses who all want to claim neutrality in the “battle on climate change”.

Some of these businesses will be your competitors and you will have to shout louder than they do just to be heard. Some will be making claims that increase the cynicism of your customers, especially if they ever read the fine print of their claims.

Customers will increasingly reward organisations that move past a neutral position and become an active participant in the global response to greenhouse. These rewards will be in the form of enhanced reputation, leading to increased sales and market share.

Beyond Neutral® will help move your company ahead of its competitors, leaving them at the intermediate step on the pathway to addressing greenhouse, while you have clear air to communicate your message.

An advantage of using our Carbon Offset Portfolio approach is that it enables you to tell a story that highlights the positive effects of your desire to address the twin imperatives of greenhouse and sustainability. We will assist you to make claims that are credible and enhance your reputation, rather than risk your customers developing a level of cynicism to your efforts that damages your brand.

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