Retire Your Carbon Offsets

Once the offsets are purchased, Beyond Neutral® will arrange for them to be retired.  They will be permanently retired through the appropriate VCS or Gold Standard registries.

As VCS and Gold Standard offsets are tracked using unique serial numbers, permanently retired offsets are never double-counted or on-sold.

When retiring offsets it is possible to do so privately so no details of the retirement are available publicly.  A second option is to allow the public to see that offsets with certain serial numbers have been retired, without any statement as to who they were retired for.  The final option is to allow full public disclosure of the retirement stating who the offsets were retired on behalf of.  Beyond Neutral® will discuss with you what your preferred option is.

Clear evidence will be provided to you of the offsets’ retirement.  This evidence will include the quantity and serial numbers of the offsets retired, the date of retirement, the offset project’s details, who retired the offsets and on whose behalf.