Renewable Energy

Renewable energy projects include wind, run-of-river hydro-electricity generation, various forms of biomass derived energy and geothermal.

Energy from these projects replaces energy from traditional fossil fuel energy generation.  Carbon offsets from renewable energy projects are created through either avoiding or reducing emissions into the atmosphere.  These projects are typically long-lived and while operating, reduce society’s reliance on energy from fossil fuels.

Carbon offsets generated by these projects represent an actual emission reduction as opposed to removing an emission already in the atmosphere.  Purchasing these offsets directly supports the renewable energy industry’s development and helps increase renewable energy’s penetration into local electricity markets.

These projects regularly bring or improve electricity supply to poor communities.  A renewable energy project located near a poor village will often lead to infrastructure improvements (roads, bridges, schools, medical facilities), local employment and increased economic opportunities.

A small sample of the range of renewable energy projects that you can be support include:

  • run-of-river hydro from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Turkey;
  • wind from China, India, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua and Turkey;
  • biomass cookstoves from Cambodia, Ghana and Uganda;
  • geothermal from Indonesia; and
  • biomass (rice husks, bagasse etc) from Argentina, India, Philippines, Russia , Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.