Projects With Benefits

Your offset choice can overtly acknowledge the need to intertwine a response to climate change with the pressing need to rapidly and significantly improve the sustainability of development across the world.

Some projects can achieve significant sustainable development outcomes for project participants in addition to the emission reductions.  There are examples of projects where it can be argued that the sustainability co-benefits equal or exceed the impact of the emission reduction activity.

Reliable electricity supplies can enable new economic activities to develop (i.e. tourism, village industries), provide greater access to educational resources and improve village life.

By reducing the amount of firewood and other fuel needed each day for cooking or water sterilisation, a project can:

  • reduce the time and effort spent collecting fuel;
  • provide increased time for other tasks, education and employment;
  • decrease the degradation of local forests and the associated impacts on biodiversity;
  • improve indoor air quality and water supplies, helping improve health, especially women and children; and
  • create employment directly by using local people to implement the project.

If you are after offsets that offer more than just carbon reductions, Beyond Neutral® can provide the opportunity to support some exciting and inspiring projects.