Other Types of Offsets

Beyond Neutral® can assist companies in arranging access to other types of offsets from both voluntary and regulated markets.

Unless your company specifically needs to access offsets from regulated markets, you will be best served by purchasing high quality voluntary offsets, especially in terms of price and ease of process.

Other Voluntary Offsets

Voluntary offsets include Greenhouse Friendly™ (NCOS compliant), Plan Vivo and ISO14064.2 (these are not specifically listed under NCOS).  Greenhouse Friendly™ offsets can be used for carbon neutrality claims in Australia under the NCOS.

Greenhouse Friendly™ (GF) was an Australian offset standard in operation until 2010, prior to the Carbon Farming Initiative. GF certified abatement projects including energy efficiency, renewable energy, reforestation, avoided deforestation, landfill gas capture and flaring, and waste diversion and recycling. Abatement projects had to be in Australia and meet criteria for additionality, leakage, permanence and verifiability.  Beyond Neutral® was an accredited verifier with Greenhouse Friendly™ for projects and products.  In addition, our Director was instrumental in creating the avoided deforestation abatement accredited through Greenhouse Friendly™.

Regulated Market Offsets

Regulated market offsets include CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) from the CDM (Clean Development Mechansm), ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and units from the regulated markets in the USA and Europe.  These units are typically used by companies seeking compliance with mandatory requirements that they operate under.

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