How to Buy Carbon Offsets

Beyond Neutral’s Carbon Shop is the easiest way to buy carbon offsets

  • All you need to know is how many tonnes you want
  • Explore the projects we have on offer, search key sustainability outcomes, select the tonnes you want to buy from one or more projects, write your own retirement message and pay online

If you need a formal quote, contact us

The Beyond Neutral Carbon Shop is an e-commerce solution to your need to buy carbon offsets

Our aim is to make it easy to buy carbon offsets

To purchase offsets through our Carbon Shop

1. Go to the Carbon Shop

2. Explore the projects

On left side of shop page you can search by

  • product categories or
  • Sustainability Beyond Carbon tags

Quick Links are in the center top of page – projects are grouped based on

  • our 3 themes (Renewables | People | Forests)
  • Standards (VCS, GS, VCS+CCB)
  • Project types

Scroll down the page to see all projects on offer, sorted by price per tonne

Click on a project to access detailed information

  • All information included in our standard formal quote is available
  • All the usual info – project number, type, location, Standard, vintage
  • Explanation of the project and how it contributes to Sustainability Beyond Carbon
  • Direct link to each project’s design, monitoring, validation and verification reports is available under project’s entry in Current Stock

3. Add to Cart

  • Select tonnes and add project to cart
  • Buy 1 or more projects
  • Buy from 1 tonne

4. Checkout

  • Billing details
    • add these
  • Retirement Information
    • add retirement info incl name, reason and message (happy to help draft message – just let me know when completing this section)
    • agree to public listing of retirement in Registry
  • Payment
    • Payment by credit card

5. Retirement

  • After payment is received, offsets are retired (retirement message is confirmed if unclear or requested)
  • Once retired, all the usual material is provided (Registry email, signed Beyond Neutral Statement of Carbon Offset Retirement, links to retirement entry in Registry)
  • Offsets are retired under your name shortly after purchase (often same day), with serial numbers unique to you
  • No generic, grouped block retirements where offsets purchased by different companies/ people are retired as a block in a single retirement on a Registry
  • Retirement message tailored specifically to you
  • Documentation and retirement message meet Climate Active requirements
  • No hidden costs – quoted carbon price covers individualised retirement process and includes your own retirement certificate

Visit our Carbon Shop

All the projects sold by Beyond Neutral are accredited under either VCS or Gold Standard , so the offset you buy has been created by a project

  • that follows a specific methodology
  • has been verified as having occurred by one of that Standard’s third party verification bodies
  • is tracked in that Standard’s Registry using a unique serial number from issuance until retirement on your behalf
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