Gold Standard

Beyond Neutral® only sources high quality, accredited offsets.

Gold Standard offsets are usually a more expensive option though each project’s co-benefits are inherent and documented.

Gold Standard is an internationally recognized high quality carbon offset accreditation program requiring projects to incorporate sustainable development requirements while creating credible Verified Emission Reductions (VERs).  Historically, projects have been restricted to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects; recently land based projects have been accepted for accreditation.

To be accredited, a project must pass a strict additionality test which ensures that the project would not have gone ahead in the absence of a carbon offset market. Gold Standard offsets are issued with a unique serial number and listed in the Gold Standard Registry™, enabling the tracking of all VERs from issuance to retirement.  This provides a chain of custody which ensures that VERs are real, additional, permanent, independently verified, unique and traceable.

Gold Standard is unusual amongst carbon offset schemes in that it focuses on sustainable development outcomes, with projects using social and environmental indicators and working to ensure broad stakeholder engagement.

Beyond Neutral® considers Gold Standard to be a credible attempt to respond to the pressing need to address the twin imperatives of climate change and sustainable development.