Gold Standard

Gold Standard - indoor air quality, solar cookers, safe water, firewood collection, household biogas, cookstoves

Beyond Neutral sources high quality, accredited carbon offsets from Gold Standard

Gold Standard is internationally recognized as a high quality carbon offset accreditation program

It requires carbon offset projects to incorporate sustainable development requirements

Project types include renewable energy, energy efficiency and land based projects

Gold Standard projects’ focus on sustainability beyond carbon

We have a selection of carbon offsets from Gold Standard



solar cookers

household biogas

safe water (filtration)

safe water (clean sources)

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WWF and other international NGOs established Gold Standard in 2003

It ensures carbon offset projects feature the highest levels of environmental integrity as well as contributing to sustainable development

Gold Standard carbon units (VERs) are issued with a unique serial number and listed in the Gold Standard Registry™

They are tracked from issuance to retirement using this serial number, provides a chain of custody

Gold Standard VERs are real, additional, permanent, independently verified, unique and traceable

Beyond Neutral considers Gold Standard projects as highly credible in responding to the urgent need to address the twin imperatives – climate change and sustainable development

This is why we sell Gold Standard carbon offsets

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Gold Standard focuses on sustainable development outcomes beyond just the carbon

Its projects use social and environmental indicators and work to ensure broad stakeholder engagement

Gold Standard has calculated the shared value that is created by each carbon offset for some of its project types

According to their calculations, for each carbon offset

  • Biogas creates US$465 of shared value
  • Cookstoves creates US$267 of shared value
  • Safe Water creates US$183 of shared value


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