Examine the Carbon Offset Portfolio

Beyond Neutral®’s portfolio approach enables you to select offsets that achieve your environmental and sustainability goals at a price that meets your economic criteria.

Utilise carbon offsets generated from renewable energy, energy efficiency or vegetation based projects.  You can achieve a range of outcomes (climate change plus sustainability considerations) by sourcing offsets from a variety of different projects.

The portfolio offers a smorgasbord of potential options, from which you can select your preferred mix of greenhouse and sustainability outcomes.  It can be used to achieve a desired price per tonne while also demonstrating support for various outcomes.

Beyond Neutral® will assist you to make an informed decision about your purchase of carbon credits by providing the current list of projects meeting your criteria with details on offset standard, project type, location, vintage, price per tonne and a brief description of the project’s features.

The voluntary carbon offset market is highly dynamic with new projects constantly becoming available, existing projects being fully sold and prices demonstrating some volatility.  As such, you need to contact us to get the latest portfolio list to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date listing possible.

By buying a low carbon cost option combined with a high sustainability outcomes project, you can meet your budget considerations and corporate sustainability goals.

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