Establish What Your Goals Are

Before embarking on the carbon neutral journey, work out where you want to be and what you want to have achieved at the end of the process.

The Level of Carbon Neutrality that you seek will be determined by how far you want to/ are able to move on your emission profile.  Do you want to be:

  • carbon neutral for one or more aspects of your operations (e.g. vehicle fleet, building electricity use, business travel), or
  • carbon neutral across the entire organisation, or
  • moving beyond a carbon neutral position and being an active part of the solution to climate change.

Your Sustainability Focus (economic, environmental, social) will determine the mix of offsets that you purchase:

  • is low offset cost the primary focus, or
  • is achieving sustainability outcomes at a certain average price per tonne threshold your goal, or
  • do you want to maximise the sustainability dividend with price per tonne less of a concern?

Beyond Neutral® can tailor an offset solution to meet your specific criteria and goals.

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