Climate, Community, Biodiversity (CCB) Standards

CCB Standards - education, eco-enterprises, forest monitoring, forest, deforestation, endangered species, health

Beyond Neutral sources high quality carbon offsets certified under CCB Standards

Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards are applied to land-based projects under VCS

Our REDD+ projects are certified CCB Gold in at least one of 3 categories: Climate, Community, Biodiversity

CCB certified projects act on climate change and sustainability (the twin imperatives)

Sustainability improvements are fundamental to climate outcomes


Help improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people and give them sustainable options

Help protect, enhance and restore biodiversity in mega-diverse ecosystems

They actively support local and indigenous communities and small landholders, protecting habitat in biodiverse landscapes


CCB Standards criteria ensure that projects

  • identify all stakeholders and ensure their full and effective participation
  • recognize and respect customary and statutory rights
  • obtain free, prior and informed consent
  • assess and monitor direct and indirect costs, benefits and risks
  • identify and maintain high conservation values
  • demonstrate net positive climate, community and biodiversity benefits

The CCB Standards are the leading standard used in conjunction with VCS agriculture, forestry and land use projects

Projects that meet the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards help an    individual or business offset their carbon foot print all while actively helping local communities and endangered plants and animals.

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Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Sustainable development in all parts of the world involves land management

Carefully and mindfully designed land management projects help some of the more than 1.3 billion indigenous peoples and local communities depend on wild and protected lands. (3)

This is done by create employment, protect traditional cultures, help secure tenure to lands and resources (securing the local communities rights to their traditional lands), all while protecting the environment by protecting endangered animals, increase the resiliency of ecosystems and help to combat climate change.

The CCB Standards are the leading standard used in conjunction with VCS agriculture, forestry and land use projects.

By buying CCB Standards project and business or individual demonstrates contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals through verified project reporting.

Can join in the support of certify conservation areas that are part of zero deforestation commitments.(3)


1 all unless cited otherwise



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