Wind – Karnataka, India

Wind Power Project by Green Infra Wind Power Generation Limited

Wind farm in rural India
Wind farm in rural India

Project Number

VCS 1776


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Technology Type

Wind (36 MW)

Project Location

Harapanahall village, Davanagere district, Karnataka, India

Project Description

36 MW renewable energy project with 18 x 2 MW wind turbines

It supplies 82 GWh of renewable energy annually to the Indian Grid which has an emission factor of 0.9653 tCO2e/ MWh

Global location of project
Global location of project

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

4 of the project's wind turbines
4 of the project's wind turbines

This project generates an array of sustainability outcomes, beyond just carbon not being released from the project area’s carbon stocks

The project has been contributing to socio-economic development in the region during both the construction and operational phases by improving the infrastructure like roads and improving electricity supplies

The project has created employment opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled workers during its construction and operation, helping support poverty alleviation

It helps reduce the demand – supply gap of the grid and helps strengthen the stability and quality of the local electricity grid which in turn improves the opportunity for economic activities previously constrained by poor power quality

It reduces NOx, SOx and particulate matter by displacing an equivalent amount of power which would have been drawn from a grid predominantly supplied by fossil fuel-based power plants

By using renewable energy, dependence on imported fossil fuels and exposure to associated price variations is reduced, contributing to improved economic stability and energy security

Project’s success increases interest in wind energy projects leading to faster uptake of renewable energy

Project Design, Monitoring, Validation and Verification Reports

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