Wind – Haixing, Hebei, China

Hebei Haixing 49.5 MW Wind Farm Project

Global location of project
Global location of project

Project Number

VCS 414


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Technology Type

Wind (49.5 MW)

Project Location

Haixing County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China

Project Description

49.5 MW wind farm (33 x 1.5 MW turbines)

Electricity delivered annually to North China Grid is over 114 GWh per year

Displaces electricity with an emissions intensity of 1.0205 tCO2e/MWh

The Haifang Road passes through the wind farm, with turbines on either side of the road

The wind farm is located in the coastal area to the west of the old Yellow River estuary

Satellite view of one of the turbines
Satellite view of one of the turbines

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Project area with 6 turbines and Haifang Rd
Project area with 6 turbines and Haifang Rd

The project’s operation has generated jobs for the local community in addition to the jobs generated during construction

By using renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions are avoided, electricity from fossil fuel power stations is displaced and waste by-products do not need to be disposed of

By reducing China’s reliance on imported fossil fuels, it helps increase China’s energy security.  Local air quality is improved by avoiding the release of SO2 and NOx

China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has caused a serious shortage of electricity resulting in blackouts and brownouts throughout the country.  These power outages reduce economic activity and negatively affect daily life

The project helps improve the grid’s supply thereby contributing to steady and reliable economic growth in the region

Stakeholder consultation through meetings and a questionnaire found the project had support from the local community for its promotion of local social, economic and environmental development.  The response overall was supportive to the project’s implementation.

Project Design, Monitoring, Validation and Verification Reports

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