Solar PV – Shandan, Gansu, China

Shandan Dongle Beitan 50 MW Solar Power Generation Project

Solar PV panels
Solar PV panels

Project Number

VCS 1362


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Technology Type

Solar PV (50 MW)

Project Location

Dongle Beitan, Shandan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, China

Project Description

This project has a total installed capacity of 50 MW

It involves the operation of 50 sub-systems, each of about 1 MW, supplying China’s North West Power Grid (NWPG)

The NWPG has an emissions intensity of 0.8568 tCO2e/MWh

The annual average GHG emission reductions are over 64,000 tonnes

The PV project will use over 200,000 solar PV modules with capacities ranging between 245 to 250 Wpeak

Global location of project
Global location of project

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Area surrounding the project
Area surrounding the project

The project promotes the application and diffusion of solar PV technology in China.

The generated electricity helps improve energy supply security.

The project helps with diversify the grid’s energy sources, currently dominated by conventional fuel based generation.

Generating electricity using renewable energy, it reduces GHG emissions as well as SOx, NOx and particulates associated with the conventional thermal power generation.

Project Design, Monitoring, Validation and Verification Reports

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