Household Biogas – Hainan, China

Haikou Rural Methane Digesters Project in Hainan Province

Household biogas biodigester being constructed
Household biogas biodigester being constructed

Project Number

GS 2664


Gold Standard (GS)

Technology Type

Household Biogas

Project Location

Sanjiang, Dazhi Po, Chengxi, Longqiao, Xinpo, Zuntan, Longquan, Longtang, Yun Long, Hongqi, Sanmen Po, Dapo, Jia Zi, Jiuzhou, Changliu, Xi Xiu, Haixiu, Shishan, Yongxing, Dongshan, towns, Haikou City, Hainan Province, China

Project Description

The project involves 15,555 households being equipped with a biodigester with an 8 m3 fixed dome tank, to replace old coal fired stoves.

It involves the building of 15,555 biogas tanks where organic matter including manure and wastes are decayed anaerobically.

This biological digestion produces methane which is used for cooking and meets the thermal demands of the households, with the biogas stove having a rated power of 2.33 kW.

The project results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in two ways (reduces methane, replaces coal).

The recovery and utilization of biogas from digested slurry in the biogas digester reduces methane emissions that would otherwise have been released.  It prevents these emissions by changing manure management practices.

The biogas is used as thermal energy, replacing coal currently used to meet the households’ daily energy needs for cooking and heating.

The annual emission reduction for the project is estimated at over 53,000 tCO2e.

diagram explaining what goes into and what comes out of household biogas unit
Household biogas turns organic and household wastes into clean burning gas and fertiliser

Sustainability Beyond Carbon

Household biogas example from India
Household biogas example from India

The project helps address 3 Sustainable Development Goals (3, 12 and 13).

The project aims to:

  1. recover methane and substitute the consumption of fossil energy,
  2. increase employment for the local people through the construction of methane pools and the follow-up service,
  3. improve the living and cooking conditions and the health of the local people, and
  4. popularize practical energy technology and improve population quality.

The project not only provides renewable energy, it also reduces expenditure on coal and significantly decreases production of smoke while cooking.

Project Design, Monitoring, Validation and Verification Reports

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